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Board of Directors & Staff
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Artistic Directors Statement

This time we live in is exhilarating! The world is shifting in an unknown direction – moving so fast into uncharted territories. Perhaps it has always been so, but it is a sensibility I am familiar with. As a dancer, choreographer, director of theatre and film, my path has been random, unstable, and utterly unpredictable. And yet, I have lived a life singularly dedicated to my craft with an abiding love for it that is unexplainable. It is a calling. More than 40 years of training, which continues today, 30 or so years as a professional artist working worldwide, brings me to this place in time. I acknowledge the paradigm shift we are in and our need to open our minds and hearts to our rapidly evolving universe and this beautiful world around us.

For me, the clearest path I know is through creativity. It inspires wonder and a longing to share, forming an wide open space that has no boundaries.  Exploration, work, craft, passion, beauty, and more work. I am always trying to illuminate truth and possibility, hoping to offer the audience a heightened sense of being and a glimpse of our astonishing potential.

I wish for us all the courage to pursue dreams with a deep commitment to integrity. A willingness to explore our aliveness. To see ourselves, our lives, as a work of art, embracing every aspect as a part of who we are. And, maybe then, we can hold in our hearts some sense of the mysterious and live in a way that embraces the whole of our world.

Board of Directors
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