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Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. I feel that this very appropriately describes my reason for running away with the circus. It was my first audition for a circus school that I felt so passionately swept away into that world. The people, the athleticism, the art; there wasn't a logical way for my brain to define or understand this new desire, but I knew it was out of my control. My heart chose this for me. I decided to run with that choice and I can now say that is the best choice I have ever made! It led to me opening my own studio, performing in places I never dreamed of, teaching all over the world, making amazing friends and most importantly it helped me find myself. I discovered that I am more than an athlete, I am more than a student, I am more than a teacher, I am an artist. 


Since that discovery I have felt the freedom to pursue the things I love and share who I am on a stage, in my classes, and just throughout life. Outside of being an aerial artist and instructor I am a full time dog mom. I have three pups that I love dearly, one of which is a working dog that I spend all of my free time training and exercising. These little fur babies are my other passion in a way. We go on all of the outdoor adventures, visit coffee shops on a regular basis and spend rainy days cuddling on the couch in between play time! 

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