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Sunrise Dance.jpeg

She inhales and a smile emerges 

From the corner of her lips,

And as her body continues to move

She knows it’s coming…

That magic state

When dancer becomes the dance


She exhales, and feels the shift,

Cells vibrating outwards, 

Her physical body lightening,

Unveiling a little more spaciousness where her spirit

Can play


And within the musical landscape

She finds herself unbound,

No longer contained within her body’s form,

Merging as one with the instruments,

Flowing like a ribbon in the wind

Drifting on the melodies of song,

Limbs arcing through invisible worlds

Playing their own tune,

Creating shapes her mind could not plan.

Heart continuously expanding, 

Casting out sparks of joy, 

Becoming firefly embers 

Flitting in and out of visibility 

In a summer’s violet dusk


She becomes feeling,

Embodied vibration

Outside of time

Music moving through her

Living stories from other timelines

Riding the waves of creation


Until she notices her chest rising and falling, 

Breath moving in and out of something,

Oh yes, that something that separates her from the infinite ~

Her beautiful body

That had just touched the stars,

That now feels the earth beneath her feet

And brings her back to the place and moment of now.

Smile still lingering, 

Grateful to be dancing,

Grateful to be the dance


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